Moving to a new computer - additional considerations

If, when moving to a new computer, you are unable to copy the adagiopr/data folder to the new computer then you will need to do the following to complete the setup on the new computer.

    • Use the Backup/Restore commands to move individual companies to the new computer.
    • If possible, transfer the following files from the adagiopr\data folder on the old computer to the adagiopr\data folder on the new computer:
      • config
      • version
      • data\users\*.*
      • prtaxusa.sel
      • prcustom.cpz (if it exists)
    • Review user IDs and Access Control settings and create any new ones you need.
    • Review Payroll user-defined taxes.

For correct posting, user defined taxes must have the same names that they had in the previous C21. Thus, it is essential that you correct the user defined tax names before you select any companies for the first time. The act of company selection can alter user tax names beyond your ability to repair. If necessary, make a temporary copy of your company(s) to review the name(s) used in Payroll/Configure/Taxes.