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Create Company

You will use System/Company/Create to create the data structures for a new company. Then do some minimal configuration in Accounts/ Configure Company and your company is ready to go.

First you will create a company - just to see how easy it is - that you can then continue to work with as your "sample data."

Follow these steps to create a company.

  1. Run System/Company/Create.

    This practice company uses the path to the Adagio Ledger Sample Data. At "Adagio Ledger data path," browse to \softrak\alwin\samdata and enter it, if available. Otherwise, for the practice company, enter any Adagio Ledger data path.

    When you create your own company, enter the path to your Adagio Ledger.

    As you go about daily Payroll operations, every time you post Payroll paychecks, remittance checks, voided checks, and adjustments - data that posts to the ledger accounts in Payroll for Adagio - the Payroll system automatically transfers that data in a "batch" to the Adagio Ledger in the data path you provide in this window.

    (If you need to reset the data path, use Payroll/Configure/Adagio Transfer.)

  2. At "Adagio extension" enter the data file extension. The Adagio Ledger Sample Data extension (the three characters after the period) is sam.

  3. The company you create will be placed in the path displayed at "Payroll data folder."

  4. At "Name" type TutCo.

    The system uses the company name you enter in the Create Company window as the name of the company data folder. All the company data folders are in a subfolder called data in the \adagiopr folder.

    The name you enter here also will be displayed as the company name the first time you open the company configuration window. In the company configuration window you can change to a "pretty" name if you wish. The company configuration name appears on reports and on checks, if configured to show the company name.

  5. Check the option to "Transfer check details," to transfer a batch to Adagio Ledger that contains the posting details for each Payroll check in the batch. Leave the "details" option unchecked to send a posting summary of all the checks in the batch.

    Here is how a completed Create Company window might look.

  6. Click OK to create the company.

The system creates the folder and the data structures for TutCo and imports the Chart of Accounts from Adagio Ledger (while it displays the Refresh Ledger Accounts counter). The Configure Company window opens. You can complete the company configuration now or at any time. To edit this company configuration at any time, use the Accounts/Configure Company command.

You can delete this company when you're done with the Tutorials — or you can keep it around to practice on.

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