21st Century Payroll for Adagio Tutorials - Installing

Installing a new workstation in a Workgroup environment

The following information describes adding a new workstation to a multi-user environment when Adagio Payroll is already installed and running on a "server".

Background Information:
In a Client installation, no Accounting (Payroll) software is actually installed on the local computer. Setting up a client computer for Payroll only creates a Windows Shortcut and installs the PSQL Database software on the local computer. That is why it is so important that the installation you use contain the same version of PSQL as is running at the server. Whether you are installing a client in a full Client/Server environment, or a Workgroup environment, there is no PSQL License key entered. PSQL license keys are only installed/authorized at the server. This is where the PSQL engine hosts one or more company databases.

Follow these steps:
1. Find the latest full installation CD or link that was used to install or update the server installation. NOTE:The full install CD or link must have the same version of PSQL as is installed at the server.
2. Insert the CD or download the link at the new workstation computer
3. In the installer box, choose the "Client" install option.
4. For the Destination Location, specify the location on the server where the full product is already installed.
5. Finish the installation.

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