Information for COVID-19 Changes

C21 and Telework Options

If your employees will be working from home and need to access 21st Century Accounting (C21), you have two options outlined below.

Before proceeding with either of these recommendations, please do the following:

  1. Make a copy of your C21/data and C21/Reports/custom folders to some portable storage device. Use File Explorer to access these folders on your main or server computer.
  2. Note your C21 serial number and Tax Table as you will need this information when you install on your other computer. You can find this information from the C21 Menu under Help/About.
  3. We recommend you make a backup of your companies as well in System/Company/Backup for safekeeping.

Please select the appropriate option for your installation:

Option 1 - Deauthorize your PSQL Key and temporarily reauthorize on another computer. This option requires you to install PSQL on your home or other computer and use your current PSQL key there. You will first need to deauthorize your PSQL key at your main computer. You will not be able to access c21 once you deactivate your license until it is reauthorized.

  1. Go to Start/Programs/Actian/License Administrator.
  2. Copy and paste your PSQL key onto an email or some other program that you will have access to so that you can use it on your other computer. Make sure you know which version of PSQL you use so that you can select the correct installer below.
  3. Highlight your key and click deauthorize. Once you have done this procedure, you will not be able to access your C21 on that computer.
  4. Next, install PSQL and C21 on your new computer using the links below.
  5. Reauthorize your PSQL key in the License Administrator as instructed above.

Option 2 - Install C21 with a temporary license for 30 days. This option allows you to run C21 on another computer without deactivating C21 at your work location for up to 30 days on a temporary license. During this crisis, we are offering a 50% discount on an additional permanent C21 license for telework needs for the cost of $345.00. If you decide to purchase a permanent license, please let us know before your temporary license expires. Please send us a message if you would like to make this purchase. Use the links below to install.