Daily Operations -- Quarterly Processing

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Optional Closing of Pay Period

    Use Payroll/Print/Remittance Checks

    When you complete all your Payroll processing for the quarter, you can close the quarter IF YOU WANT TO. You don't have to close a quarter to go on to the next quarter's Payroll runs.

    Closing the quarter prevents users from altering tax liability, tax remittance, and taxable earnings information that you have reported to the government.

    Before You Close Print

    Remittance Checks. Print (or post ATF) remittance checks for the quarter. To reflect federal tax deposits for the quarter in the information that appears when you review the system's calculated 941 information, you must have posted the remittance of your federal tax liabilities.

    Use Payroll/941 Information

    Enter 941 Information. Run Payroll/941 Information and enter or edit any information that's different from the system's 941 calculations. Once you close the quarter, you can no longer change 941 information.

    Use Payroll/Quarterly Checklist

    You can close the quarter after you print remittance checks and enter any 941 adjustments.

At Any Time....

    Use Payroll/Print/941 Information

    Print the 941 information for any quarter.

    Use Payroll/Print/Quarterly Wage Statement

    Print the Quarterly Wage Statement for any quarter.