Accounts Receivable with Item Tracking

    21st Century Accounting Item Tracking is an easy-to-use set of tools for tracking the items you sell- your company primary asset. Run Item Tracking/Configure/Company to configure the currently selected company for Item Tracking so you can start keeping track of the location and quantity-on-hand of the products you purchase for selling to customers.
  • Single or Multiple Locations: You can easily operate from a single location or you can set up multiple locations and then receive items at any location and transfer items among multiple locations.

  • "Bin Numbers". You can enter the "storage location," which is the shelf or bin or other identifiable place where the item is to be placed within a location. Update the storage location record when you count or transfer items. The storage location prints on picking tickets and packing lists.

  • Serial Numbers and Integrated Sales. Track serial-numbered items from receipt to storage location to sale. Sales Orders and Sales Invoices are fully integrated with Item Tracking. Posting a sales invoice reduces the quantity on hand at the location of the sale and removes any serial numbers entered on the invoice. Posting invoices for items on Sales Orders reduces the number of items on backorder.

  • Recieve Items. Use the Recive Items command to enter shipments without creating a Payable.

  • Enter Physical Counts. Update quantity on hand with a few keystrokes after a stock count or adjustment.