Rationale for charging for data repair

Rationale for charging for data repair

Postby Customer Service » January 14th, 2012, 4:09 am

There has never been any known issue with 21st Century Accounting (C21) nor do we have any reason to suspect that there is anything in the nature of the way C21 functions that would cause database file corruption. Generally, it is not possible to pinpoint when and how a database file became corrupted. Damage could result from an unexpected power outage or fluctuation or from some computer hardware failure or malfunction. There could even be other software active on a computer that adversely affects other programs. If a network is involved, there could be hardware or software network issues.

These are all conditions that C21 cannot practically program against. We have provided various functions to lessen the impact of these types of problems, such as making backup easy to do and providing various recovery modes to rebuild a company without loss of input. If the situation is such that those capabilities, as described on the website, are insufficient to resolve the damage situation, we will have to charge for our services for further analysis and repair.
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