Custom Repair

Custom Repair

Postby Customer Service » January 14th, 2012, 4:10 am

Run Custom Repair:

To use this special Company/Verify module do the following:

1. Have all workstations except one exit out of C21.
2. Make a backup of your current company, just as a precaution.
3. Download and Save the customer repair file.
4. Launch the file and direct the installation to the company data folder that contains the data for this
company. Note: do not choose the overall data folder where all your companies are stored. If there is
any question of the company location, then run the C21 Help/About command while the company is
selected and note the path that is displayed for Company folder. That is the location to use.
4. Go to the System/Company/Verify command. (Select your company, if necessary)
5. Check the “Run Custom Repair” box.
6. Check the box for “Repair damage if possible”.
7. Click on the “Process” button.
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