Data Repair Policy

Data Repair Policy

Postby Customer Service » January 14th, 2012, 4:12 am

Certain error messages indicate that your database files may be damaged (usually from a power surge or a Windows operating system error). Technical Support may be able to fix your data with a phone call IF --

You have a valid backup* from before the damage occurred
We can determine that your posted.cpz file is intact.

The goal is to get you back up and running as soon as possible. If you follow these instructions, you may not even need to call us.

If we cannot fix your problem in a telephone call, we must charge $100 for the time required to make sure you send us the required files (including a recent, valid backup) and to analyze your company data plus whatever additional information we requested.

When we receive the requested company files from you, we will examine your data. If it can be repaired, we will provide you an estimate of the repair effort (at an hourly rate of $70). If you approve the estimated job, the examination fee of $100 will be applied to the repair bill.
Please be sure you understand and agree to the following before you submit data to be evaluated for possible damage:

By sending the requested files, you agree to the $100 examination fee.

When you send the company data, you agree to stop working (entering data) in the damaged company until you hear from us. In some cases we can return repaired data to you without significant loss of your time. If necessary, you can maintain your books offline until we can complete the repairs and return the data. You then enter the transactions accumulated offline into your repaired company.

A valid backup from before the damage occurred is a restored backup or a copy that you can successfully use. On the restored backup or copy--

You can successfully run the reports that cause problems on your current (presumably damaged) data, indicating that the backup data is not damaged.
You can successfully run System/Company/Verify, "Verify low-level file structures" without any unrepaired errors (check the box to "Repair damage if possible").
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