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Custom Journals

Configure Custom Journals

In the General Ledger/Configure/Custom Journals window, you can set up any number of specialized "mini" general journals for access to certain sets of accounts. A custom journal allows you to define a set of prompts and G/L account distributions that reflect a business-specific type of transaction appropriate for your company.

The custom journal configuration window lets you control the debit and credit sides of the entries at each prompt in the transaction entry window, to prevent data entry mistakes that can affect the integrity of your books. You set up the prompts for all the required entries, debit, credit, either, or bank account, so that each transaction is complete and balances, just like a general journal entry.

Custom Journal Entry

Use the General Ledger/Custom Journals to enter transactions in the custom journals you created with Custom Journals on the General Ledger Configure menu. You enter both sides of each transaction for a balancing entry.

Use General Ledger custom journals only for transactions that do not involve cash received into the business - that is, that do not result in a bank deposit - for example, an Amortization Journal. (Use Bank Accounts/Configure/Cash Receipts Journal to set up custom journals for entering deposit transactions.)


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