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Access Control

Use System/Access Control to manage levels of security for employees accross all your companies. You can set up users or groups of users and control their access to an entire application (such as System, General Ledger, or Payables) or to individual commands (such as Customize Windows, General Journal, or Create Payments). Access Control allows you to prevent unauthorized access to confidential company information.

Access Control that you set up in these windows applies to all your 21st Century Accounting companies.

A user who belongs to more than one group will be denied access to all comands to which access has been denied in all groups to which the user belongs.

  • Group Membership tab. 21st Century Accounting provides two default user groups. Once you have set up IDs for the people who use the system, you can assign the IDs to the default groups or create groups of your own. You can add users from this window with the Add User button.
  • Menu Security tab. For each group, you configure the access for each application or command.


The following steps use an example to show you one path to activating access control for your company. The example demonstrates how to deny access to Customize Windows to all ordinary users while allowing access to the entire system to the system administrator. This is just an illustrative example; you must determine your own security configuration requirements.

The order in which you perform the tasks described may differ from one company to another, depending on the complexity of your security requirements and the size of your staff.

  1. Run System/User IDs and set up IDs for the people who use 21st Century Accounting. (Or, you can run System/Access Control, select the Group Membership tab, and press the Add User button.)
  2. Run System/Access Control and select the Menu Security tab.
  3. Select Users and press the Tab key until you're in the Menu Acecess Control pane on the right.
  4. Open System so the System commands are displayed and select Customize Windows.
  5. Click the "allowed"icon (green plus sign), press the Spacebar, or right-click and select Deny access from the menu. The "forbidden"icon appears beside Customize Windows to indicate that members of the Users group will find Customize Windows dimmed (not selectable) on the System menu when they log in.
  6. Click OK below the right pane and Save changes below the left pane.
  7. Select the Group Membership tab.
  8. Drag the user who should be able to use any command in the system (the system administrator) into the Administrators group.
  9. Drag the users who should be prevented from turning on Customize Windows into the Users group.
  10. Click Save changes.



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