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21st Century Accounting Help - Bank Accounts

Deposits Journals

The Deposits Journal shows the receipts that were entered in the Deposits window.  All receipts in a batch are batched together into a single bank deposit. The report lists the deposit number; the name of the customer, the other receipt source, or the custom journal; the amount of each entry in a batch, and totals for each batch, each period, and the entire report. 

Selection Options

You can select by the following fields:

  • All or a range of Periods
  • All or a range of Transaction dates
  • All or a range of Deposit numbers
  • All or a range of Receipt numbers
  • All or selected Bank accounts

Summary or Detail

  • G/L account summary only.  Check this box to print only the G/L account summary portion of the report.
  • Show deposit details.  Check this box to print the G/L account distribution details for each deposit.  Leave unchecked to print a quick summary report.


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