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21st Century Accounting Help - Bank Accounts


  • Deposits. Enter and distribute cash receipts and record the deposit of the cash to the affected bank account in a single data entry window.
  • Transfers. Enter transfers of funds between bank accounts in one simple data entry window.
  • Non-Payables Disbursements Checks. Enter and print disbursements (non-payables) checks.
  • Cash and Credit Card Accounts. Configure bank accounts and credit card acounts for recording cash, check, and credit card receipts.
  • Cash Receipts Journals. Create any number of custom cash receipts journals that let you record the received cash and the bank deposit in a single data entry window (Bank Accounts/Deposits), using sets of prompts that are appropriate for different sources of cash -- for example, cash registers.
  • Bank Reconciliation. Reconcile bank statements with your 21st Century Accouting bank accounts and with the 21st Century Accounting general ledger accounts dedicated to the bank accounts.
  • Void Checks and Receipts. Back out of the system posted checks and receipt that turn out to be invalid - that are returned for insufficient funds or lost in the mail, for example.
  • Reports. Print the check register, bank activity, deposits journal, credit card register, and cash receipts journals. Print the reconciliation report directly form the Reconciliation window.

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