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21st Century Accounting Help - Bank Accounts

Check Writing and Posting

The Bank Accounts/Disbursements Checks command lets you enter and pring checks:

Disbursements Checks allows you to enter and print checks that are not inteded to go through the Payables control account. This is the recommended check-writing method for cash-basis bausiness.

G/L Accounts Affected]

All check batches post directly against the bank account's general ledger account.

Other Check Printing Commands

In addition to Disbursements Checks on the Bank Accounts menu, the following commands on other menus also allow you to print checks:

  • Create Payments on the Payables menu
  • Quick Checks on the Payables menu
  • Paychecks on the Payroll Print menu
  • Remittance Checsk on the Payroll Print menu

Check Printing Options

When you print checks, you can selectively repring any subset of a check batch, with or without renumbering. Both two-part and three-part check formats are supported.

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