21st Century Accounting Help - System/Company

System/Company/Company Access Control

Use System/Company/Company Access Control to manage levels of security for different empmloyees in a single company.

The Procedure

  1. You use System/User IDs to set up employees as users.
  2. Then you use System/Access Control to assign employees to groups.
  3. Next you use System/Company/Company Access Control to manage access to the appropriate functions for a group or groups.

You can control a group's access to an entire application (such as System, General Ledger, or Payables) or to individual commands (such as Customize Windows, General Journal, or Create Payments). Access Control allows you to prevent unauthorized access to confidential company information.

The System/Company/ Company Access Control function in this window lets you manage access to the selected company. The settings you make with this command are for a single company; they do not apply to any other companies. Use the System/Access Control command to apply system-wide (multiple companies) access control for users and groups of users.

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