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Configure Company

Set up and modify the General Ledger configuration for each company in the General Ledger/Configure/Company window. Set up a company-level password, change the company address and phone number, set up your company for email, and indicate which accounts to use for retained earnings and income transfer when you close the year and for accumulating transactions into a single deposit when you enter deposits.

Setting up your company for email

  1. Run General Ledger/Configure/Company Accounts/Configure Company.
  2. At Email Address, enter the email address that you want to use to send invoices.
  3. Click Configure Email to enter information about your outgoing mail (SMTP) server.
  4. Enter the SMTP server name and port number provided by your email service provider.
    (You can find this information under account settings in your email.)
  5. Enter the User ID and Password for the email account you are using.
  6. In the Bcc Email Address box, enter an email address if you wish to forward a copy of the invoices and statements that are emailed out.
  7. Click the TEST button. You should receive a test email from <company name> with a PDF attachment.

After configuration is complete, an Email button will be visible in Sales Invoices and Print Statements.

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