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Systemwide/Running Checkpoint

If you enter a considerable volume of data on a daily basis, the recommended data recovery method is to make regular Checkpoint backups.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select a company, if one is not already selected.
  2. Open System/Company/Checkpoint.
  3. Choose a location and name for your Checkpoint file, if you haven't already done so (the previous name and location are the default, if you have done this before).
  4. The Checkpoint window opens, where you decide and how often you want to make Checkpoint backups. See the Checkpoint window and field help for more information as you make your decision.
  5. If you select Manual, run the Checkpoint command after every data entry session that you don't want to risk having to repeat, using the Do it now button. If you select and interval, the system automatically makes the backups at the intervals.
  6. Click the Save changes button and close the window.

In the event of data damage, you are now ready to recover from a Checkpoint backup.

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