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Customize Windows

Turn on the System/Customize Windows command if you want to be able to change field labels, field order, and other ways in which the editing and data entry windows appear and operate.

To customize a window, right-click the label or field you want to change. You customize fields one-by-one. You restore the original lables one-by-one. You can restore field order, read/write status, and hidden fields field-by-field or for the entire window.

Customize Windows turns off automatically when you exit the system or a different user logs in (on a single computer).

When Customize Windows is turned on, the right-click menu in each 21st Century Accounting window includes the available customize options.

Tip: Always check the status bar at the bottom of the window for hints about using the customize options.

  • Change Text. Right-click the field label you want to change and select Change Text. The field label becomes editable. Type a new label and press Enter.

    Changing a field label changes the text throughout the system. For example, if you change the label of the Description field in General Journal, the new description field label also appears in Custom Journals, Deposits, Invoices, and so forth.

  • Restore Text. Right-click on the field label you changed previously and select the Restore Text option to restore the original label.

  • Hide Field. Right-click the field you want to hide and select Hide Field. To restore hidden fields, right-click a gray area of the window, select Restore, and select a field or select All from the submenu.

  • Toggle Read -Only. You can make some fields read-only, so that the displayed data can't be overwritten. Right-click the field and select Toggle Read-Only to change the attribute back and forth.

  • Change Field Order. Right-click the field you want to move, select Change Field Order, then right-click the field you want the selected field move before. The physical fields don't change position on the screen; you are changing the order in which the cursor moves through the fields.

  • Restore Field Order. Right-click a gray area of the window and select Restore Field Order to restore the order in which the cursor moved through the window before you changed the field order.

  • Remove all customization. Right-click a gray area of the window and select Remove all customization to restore to the original field order, to remove read-only status, and to restore hidden fields. (Use Restore Text to restore field labels.)

An asterisk appears beside the window title if any fields are hidden, made read-only, or recorded. (The asterisk does not appear for tex changes only.)

To Restrict Access to the Command

Use the Access Control fucntion if you need to restrict acess to the command to customize 21st Century Accounting windows.

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