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Account Structure

To set up a multi-segment account structure, follow these steps:

  1. Define the segments your company requires. For example, do you want to track revenue and expenses by department and division? In that case, you will want to define three segments: the primary or account segment, a department segment, and a division segment. (You can add segments at any time, up to a total of five.)
  2. Enter the name of each segment in the Name row.
  3. Enter the length of each segment in the Length row.
  4. Enter the character (for example, a hypen) to appear as a separator between segments.

    Because they have other uses in the system, you cannot use these characters as separators:
    [] {} a-z 0-9 space =

  5. Enter the fill character with which to fill empty account segments in an existing Chart of Accounts when you add segments to the structure. For example, if you add a Department segment with a length of 2 and a fill character of 0, an existing account 1010 becomes 1010-00.

    You can also use the Spacebar to complete the entry of account IDs with the fill character into any account ID field. For example, if the account structure is 0000-00-0 (the fill characters all 0s), you can enter 2 and press the Spacebar three times (once for each segment) to enter the account 2000-00-0 in an account ID field.

Account Structure edit buttons

  • Insert. To insert a segment before the currently selected segment, click the insert button.
  • Add. To add a segment after the currently selected segment, click the Add button.
  • Delete. Click a segment to select it and then click the delete button to remove it from the account structure.

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