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1099 Adjustments

Use the Payables/1099 Adjustments window, if necessary, to change the total 1099 payments that were recorded in 21st Century Accounting for a given vendor. 

If you intend to print 1099 forms in 21st Century Accounting and if, for example, you made 1099 payments by some means other than 21st Century Accounting that you did not record in 21st Century Accounting, use the 1099 Adjustments window to enter the 1099 payment total for printing on the vendor's 1099 form.

The Payables/Print/1099 Payments report adjusts the vendor's 1099 total to reflect the entry you make in this window as the new total for the vendor. (Any subsequent 1099 payments to the vendor recorded in 21st Century Accounting are added to the adjusted 1099 total as shown on the report.)

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