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21st Century Accounting Help - Payables/Configure


Use the Payables/Configure/Vendors window to add, delete, and edit vendor accounts.

The Vendor window is where you assign:

  • Business and payment addressess
  • Check memo (optional)
  • Tax ID (optional)
  • Discount method (always take [default] or take if valid)
  • Categories (optional)
  • Default account prompts (optional)
  • Tax groups (optional)
  • 1099 vendor? (US only)


You can use the Memorize feature (by pressing the Memorize button at th bottom of the window) to use one vendor's information as a template for the next vendor you enter. Make the best use of the Memorize feature by organizing your vendors into similar groups (all in the same category, all who will use the same control account set, all 1099 vendors, and so forth) before you begin entering them into the system.

When you recover a company using System/Company/Recover, the memorized vendor template is lost. You must open the Vendors window and re-Memorize the model vendor before you can enter more vendors using the template.



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