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Quick Checks

The Payables/Create Payments window allows you to select for payment vendor invoices already entered into the system in the Payables/Vendor Invoices window.

To create a vendor invoice and to print a check for payment at the same time, use Payables/Quick Checks.

Pay posted vendor invoices with printed chequeschecks

Use the Create Payments window to select a batch of vendor invoices for payment via printed checks issued from Payables. You select the invoices by due date or by discount date, or you can select all unpaid invoices. You can modify the amount of payment to apply to any invoice. You can print, and review the list and remove any invoices you don't want to pay in the payments batch of checks. You can save and modify the list and print the checks at any time.

When you select multiple invoices for payment in a single run, the system combines them on a single check.  The check stub provides information about the vendor invoices paid on the check.

If a payment entered results in an overpayment to a vendor, the overpayment amount will be available to apply as payment the next time you pay the vendor.


  • Finish later.  Use the Finish later button to save your work at any time and close the window. The next time you run the Create Payments command, the window displays the payment selection-in-progress and gives you an opportunity to continue working on it and to print checks.

  • Show All/Hide All.  Use the Show All button to display all invoices for all selected vendors.  The Hide All button collapses the list back into vendors only.  (You can also click the plus or minus icon beside a vendor or press Right-Arrow/Left-Arrow to "open" and "close" the display of all the vendor's invoices.)

  • Print selection.  Before you press the Print chequeschecks button to complete the payments as displayed, you can use the Print selection button to print a report that shows the selected vendors, invoices, and payment amounts shown in the window at the time you print the report. Use this batch listing as a payment selection record for review and approval before you print the chequeschecks to vendors.

  • Clear selection.  Use the Clear selection button to deselect all vendors and start over.

  • Print checks.  Use the Print chequeschecks button to print chequeschecks to the selected vendors in the amounts shown.

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