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1099 Payments

1099 Payments shows the company's payments to people who provide goods and services other than regular payables vendors and employees.  If you indicate in the Payables/Configure/Vendors window that you want to track 1099 payments, the system accumulates payments to the vendor (as indicated when you enter an invoice or disbursement check) as 1099 payments. 

Selection Options

You can select by the following fields:

  • All or a range of Transaction dates
  • All or selected Vendors
  • All or selected Categories
  • All or only 1099 payments greater than or equal to (an amount)

Vendors missing Tax ID

You can choose to print the 1099 Payments report only for vendors with Tax IDs (which you enter in the Configure/Vendors window) or you can check this box to include 1099 vendors for whom you were unable to enter a Tax ID. 

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