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Company Information

Use Payroll/Configure/Company Information to select certain company-wide, Payroll-specific options and defaults. 
Companies with uncomplicated processing requirements can leave options turned off, providing for simpler setup in the other configuration windows and fewer fields to consider at Payroll runtime. Companies with complex processing requirements can turn on the appropriate options and select defaults in this window, providing the flexibility they need for setup and at runtime.

The following options are available in the Company Information window:

  • Payroll departmentalization.

  • None.  When this option is turned on, Payroll does not organize posted pay details by Category or post automatically to the department segment of Payroll expense and liability accounts.  

  • by Category.  This option is turned on automatically for users who convert Payroll from BPI Accounting. Payroll converts BPI data by department and then maintains posted pay details by each employee's primary Category (as set in Configure/Employees). You can then print Payroll reports in Department order (sorted by Department) to produce Payroll reports by department as in BPI.

  • by G/L account segment.  When you choose one of the G/L segment posting options (expenses only or both expenses and liabilities), you tell the system which of your account segments to use as the Payroll department segment and designate a default department to assign to existing employees. In Configure/Employees, you assign employees to departments (or cost centers, or whatever you call the account segment you use for tracking Payroll expenses and liabilities.)

    • Post expenses and liabilities to employee department.  Payroll expenses and liabilities post automatically to the employee's assigned department (in Configure/Employees). You can enter any of the departmental expense and liability accounts in the factor configuration. At posting time, Payroll posts the factor expense and factor liability to the employee's currently assigned department(s).

    • Post expenses only to employee department.  Payroll expenses post automatically to the employee's assigned department (in Configure/Employees). You can enter any of the departmental expense accounts in the factor configuration.  At posting time, Payroll posts the factor expense to the employee's currently assigned department(s). (Liabilities continue to post to the account you assigned to the factor liability in the factor's configuration window.)

  • Allow manual distribution.  Provides a means, as you process Payrolls, for distributing employees' earnings to the accounts of your choice by hours, percent, or amounts.

  • Print vac/sick hours on paycheck stubs.  Allows you to print available vacation and sick hours on each employee's paycheck stub for their information.

  • Auto-calculate accrual pay amount.  Makes the system calculate the dollar amount paid when you enter vacation and sick hours paid in the Calculate or ATF Payroll window.  The system uses the hourly rate of the employee's "highest" Income factor in the Pay Factor Order configuration.  If the employee's "highest" Income factor is a Salary type, the system also reduces the salary factor amount and the number of hours worked by the calculated vacation or sick amount and the number of accrual hours paid when you check this option.

  • Include hourly pay rates on paycheck stub.  Makes the system print hourly pay rates as well as number of hours worked on paycheck stubs. 

  • Carry over accrual balances.  Choose whether accruals are set to zero at the end of the year, or carried over into the new year.

  • Allow hourly rate override on timecards.  Check if you wish to permit hourly rates to be changed during timecard entry.  The changed rate is temporary and will not permanently change the employee record.  With this option enabled, you can also specify multiple different rates for the same hourly rate pay factor.

  • Direct Deposit.  This section is displayed only if you purchased and installed 21st Century Payroll Direct Deposit.  Select the Interface type, enter any other required information, and click OK to make Direct Deposit fields, functions, and reports available to this company.

    You may need to lengthen the window to see the Direct Deposit section.

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