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Custom Pay Summary

Use Payroll/Configure/Custom Pay Summary to design your own Payroll reports.  You can preview the custom reports or export the data with Payroll/Print/Custom Pay Summary.  You can then review or further manipulate the Payroll data in a spreadsheet. 

The report columns show information from existing pay periods.  You determine the number, order, and content of the columns.  You can design as many different reports as you like in any Payroll company.

Examples of custom reports

  • Retirement Plan.  To create a 401k report, you could define a column that contains the following:
  • Data type: Period
    Type of factor data: Withholding plus employer contribution
    Factor to include: Selected factors
    Selected factors: 401k (or whatever you call the factor)
    And then add the column to the report.

  • Pay Summary.  You might want to create a report that shows each employee's name, paycheck number, hourly rate, hours worked, gross pay, net pay, deductions, and taxes on one line per pay period, for a range of pay periods. 

  • Savings Plan.  You could create a report to give to your employees showing health care savings plan deductions and payouts by defining a column for the health plan deduction and a column for the health plan reimbursement (an income factor), and then putting those columns in a report.

The Custom Pay Summary provides a number of predefined columns such as (for example) Gross Pay (all incomes summed into a single amount), Net Pay (net pay), and Federal taxes (US FIT, US SS tax, and US Medicare tax summed into a single amount).  You can modify the predefined columns and create your own columns using an interface that is similar to the interface for creating columns on financial reports.

When you print your reports with Payroll/Print/Custom Pay Summary, options for selecting a range of pay periods and for sorting and summarizing the data give you additional control over the output. 

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