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Historical Pay Information

Use Payroll/Configure/Historical Pay Information to enter quarter-to-date and year-to-date pay information for employees if you are converting from another Payroll system in which the Payroll year is under way. The information you enter provides the data needed for accurate end-of-quarter and end-of-year documents such as 941s and W-2s. The system also needs historical information to determine where employees are with respect to minimums, maximums, ceilings, and floors.

Switch at End of Quarter

For minimum data entry, the best time to switch to 21st Century Accounting21st Century Payroll from your old Payroll system is immediately after ending a quarter. Since you have not yet posted any Payroll data for the new quarter, you need only to enter year-to-date totals. The system provides for quarter-to-date data in case you have already run Payrolls in the old system during a quarter for which you still need to print quarterly reports.

Normally, you will enter data in this window ONLY if you convert data manually. When you convert data electronically with the System/Company/Convert from/<product name>, the Conversion program converts your historical pay information.  Data that you convert electronically is normally complete and correct and you can begin processing Payrolls immediately. However, there may also be times when you must correct electronically converted data. You can use the Historical Pay Information window for that purpose until you close the Payroll pay period for the first time.
Do not enter current pay period data in this window. Employee Historical Pay Information is to-date amounts through the most recent closed pay period.  Historical data does not post to the general ledger. 

Enter Historical Pay Info until Close Pay Period

You can enter historical pay information until you post Payroll for an employee for the first time (an added employee with a status of New.) Print the Earnings Report to review historical pay information you have already entered and posted.

You can continue to review, modify, add to, and delete posted historical information by selecting a year, quarter, and employee for whom data has already been entered. 

The status for a New employee changes to Active when you close a pay period that includes pay data for the employee and you can no longer modify historical pay information for that employee.

You can also enter historical pay information for an Active employee who was converted electronically until you post Payroll.

Once you start processing Payroll for a New employee, you can't enter historical information for the employee unless you "throw away" the processing. 


You add some employees and enter their historical data. Then you run Calculate Payroll and print the unposted Payroll Register. When you compare the Payroll Register with reports from your previous system, you realize that some current Payroll values are incorrect because the historical information was entered incorrectly. You can unselect the employees in Calculate Payroll, which "unpays" them. Run Historical Pay Information and enter the correct data. 

Then run Calculate Payroll again and verify the data in the Payroll Register.

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