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California DE 9C Electronic Filing

You can use Payroll/Electronic Filing to produce electronic files of state unemployment earnings and tax reports currently supported by the TFK. The commands produce electronic reports in state-approved formats.

You can produce an electronic state report at any time during the year for the selected Tax year and quarter. You can produce the previous year's report after you start running Payrolls in the new year by simply opening the report window, selecting the year and quarter you want, and filling in the other information.

California DE 9C

To generate the electronic DE 9C correctly, make sure that CA SUTA and CA SDI are system-defined (not user-defined) taxes. Payroll generates the reports from amounts posted to the system-defined factors for CA SUTA and CA SDI.

  • Changing Employer Company Info. If you want to change the company name, Tax ID, or company address for submitting the electronic file this time only, make the changes in this window. To change this information permanently, edit the company information in the Configure Company window, then close and reopen the report window to display the changes.

  • Complete and Process. Complete the fields in the window and click the Process button to generate the electronic file, ready to submit to the tax authority. If the notes/exceptions text file indicates any problems, use the information to correct errors before you produce the final file for submission.

Where Is the File?

Processing generates the electronic file and automatically puts it within the data directory of the company. After hitting the PROCESS button, a window will pop up that shows you the name of the file and where it is located. Note that the file is in the "zip" format, ready to be attached, as described in the California DE 8300 Guide.

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