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Electronic NACHA Prenote - Direct Deposit

Use Payroll/Electronic Filing/ NACHA Prenote File for Direct Deposit before you perform the first Payroll run for Direct Deposit employees. You produce the Prenote file and send it to your Direct Deposit provider to test the company’s Direct Deposit setup.  

Verify bank account name and account number

In the pop-up bank account window --

  • Verify that the bank account ID displayed is the bank account you write Payroll checks on
  • Verify that the correct account number for that bank account is also in the Bank Accounts configuration.

Verify that the effective date is the date you want as the Prenote date and click OK.

Include new and changed DD employees

Include the employees in the list who are new to Direct Deposit and those whose Direct Deposit configuration has changed since the last time you submitted a Prenote file.  The Prenote program will include those employees by default.  Make sure that the new and changed DD employees are checked and click OK. 

Payroll stores the Prenote file in the export folder within the company data folder.

Follow your provider’s instructions for submitting the file for approval.

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