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Quarterly Checklist

Use the Payroll/Quarterly Checklist window to remind yourself of Payroll activities every quarter and to close the quarter when you finish all your processing and reporting for the quarter. The checklist provides fields for identifying the correct quarter and year to close, reminders for quarterly processing, and a Close button. 

Before You Close

  • Print Remittance Checks.  Run Payroll/Print/Remittance Checks and print (or post ATF) remittance checks for the quarter. To reflect federal tax deposits for the quarter in the information that appears when you run Payroll/941 Information, you must have posted the remittance of your federal tax liabilities. 

  • Enter 941 Information.  Run Payroll/941 Information and enter and edit the data as required. Once you close the quarter, you can no longer change 941 information.

At Any Time

  • Print 941.  Run Payroll/Print/941 Information to print the 941 information for the quarter in question and file it with the proper authority.

  • Print Quarterly Wage Statement.  Run Payroll/Print/Quarterly Wage Statement for the quarter in question and file copies with the proper authorities.

Close Quarter

Click the Close button to close the quarter, as identified in the Year and Quarter fields.

Closing the quarter prepares the system to process Payroll for the next quarter. Closing a quarter is simply how you clear the way for the next quarter and prevent users from altering tax liability, tax remittance, and taxable earnings information that you have reported to the government. You do not have to close a quarter to proceed to the next quarter's processing. Simply indicate the appropriate quarter when the system prompts you.

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