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California DE 9

Run Payroll/Print/California DE 9 to print an EDD-approved DE 9, the California Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages.  The form is filled in with the appropriate Payroll data and ready to submit to the tax authority.

To generate the DE 9 correctly, make sure that CA SUTA and CA SDI are system-defined (not user-defined) taxes.  Payroll generates the DE 9 from amounts posted to the system-defined factors for CA SUTA and CA SDI.  Complete the remaining fields that apply to your company.


  • Begin printing with the Preview PDF button.  Once you complete the fields in the DE 9 window, if you have installed the Tax Form Kit, click Preview PDF to view a DE 9 Form that is filled in with your Payroll data and the information in the DE 9 window.

  • Finish printing with the Print function on the PDF form to print the DE 9.

  • If you see a mistake in the printed PDF form, close the PDF Form, correct the problem in your Payroll data or in the DE 9 window, click Preview PDF, and print the Form again.

The DE 9 Form is ready to submit to the tax authority.

The California DE 9 program is provided on 21st Century Accounting21st Century Payroll Tax Updates, so the windows and the report meet current state requirements.  Refer to the state instructions for filling out and filing this form.

Mail the completed DE 9 to:

State of California
Employment Development Department
P.O. Box 989071
West Sacramento CA 95798-9071

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