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Earnings Report

The Earnings Report prints earnings details for the selected pay period, the month of the selected pay period, the quarter of the selected pay period, and the year of the selected period/quarter. For each pay factor calculated for each selected employee, the detail report shows the amount posted for each employee for the pay period (if any), for the month (if any), for the quarter (if any), and for the year (if any). 

You can print the report in landscape orientation to show pay information for the selected pay period as well as MTD, QTD, and YTD totals.

When you print the Earnings Report for a pay period in which some employees received paychecks and some employees did not (a pay period when you ran biweekly employees only, for example), the report shows period earnings information for the employees who received paychecks in the period and shows MTD, QTD, and YTD totals for all selected employees.

The company summary shows totals for the selected pay period, month, quarter, and year for each pay factor.

  • Pay period ID
  • Report contents (allows you to print either period data or MTD data in portrait orientation or all columns in landscape orientation)
  • Group summary only (omits factor details for each employee)

Sort Options

You can sort the data by one of the following fields:

  • Employee ID
  • Employee name
  • Department
  • Pay frequency
  • Employment state

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