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Employee List

The Employee List is a list of selected employees and their static (configuration) information. The Phone List version of the list prints one line per employee showing the ID, name, telephone number, and status. The Income Information version prints assigned income factors and their values, if any. The All Information version prints all employee configuration information, including Payroll information (all assigned pay factors and values), department information, and personnel information such as address, notes, and so forth.

Selection Options

You can print All or selected data depending on your entries at the following fields:

  • All or selected Employees
  • All or selected Categories
  • All or a selected Status
  • Detail options (Phone list, Income information, or All information)

Sort Options

You can sort the data by one of the following fields:

  • Employee ID
  • Employee name
  • Department
  • Pay frequency
  • Employment state

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