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You can use the Print checks button in the Calculate Payroll window to print, approve, and post regular paychecks or you can save the Payroll in progress and print paychecks later with the Print Paychecks window. The employees for whom you completed Payroll calculation are displayed in the Print Paychecks window.

In the Print Paychecks window, you select the bank account from which to issue the paychecks. You verify the general ledger posting period, the check date, and the employees to include in this check printing run. You can use the list to toggle employees off and on for paychecks. Double-click the line or press the Spacebar to check and uncheck employees.  Employees who are checked will be paid. 

Print paychecks list order

You can organize the list of employees and print the paychecks by employee ID, name, pay frequency, department, employment state, or check amount. Click the bar above the column to select that column for determining the order of the list.  For example, click Department or Category to organize the printed checks by department. Click the bar above the column again to change the order from ascending to descending and back again. 

The final list of checks that will be printed (which will be shown in the next window, where you can select a printer and review the starting check number) reflects the order of the list in this window in effect when you press the Print checks button in this window. The checks will be printed in the order shown.

The State column displays each employee's State of employment from the Personnel panel in the Configure/Employees window. The Check amount is the employee's net pay.

When you are ready to print the checks, press the Print checks button to see the starting check number, the selected printer, and a list of the checks that will be printed, in the order in which they will be printed.

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