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21st Century Accounting Help - Payroll/Reports

Payroll Register

The Payroll Register lists Payroll calculation data and employee adjustments that were generated during the current pay period or that were posted for a previous pay period. For each pay factor, the report shows the amount calculated for the pay period and the associated details such as hours, hourly rate, sales amounts for commissioned employees, and the expense or liability account to which the factor is posted. The company summary shows totals for the selected pay period for each pay factor included in the Payroll run. The employer contribution summary shows total employer contributions for the selected pay period for each pay factor configured for an employer contribution (deductions and taxes).

Selection Options

You can print All or selected data depending on your entries at the following fields:

  • All or selected Employees
  • All or selected Categories
  • Pay period ID
  • Print only unposted activity.  Use to verify data entry and calculations AFTER you run Payroll and BEFORE you post.

Sort Options

You can sort the data by one of the following fields:

  • Employee ID
  • Employee name
  • Department
  • Pay frequency
  • Employment state

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