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21st Century Accounting Help - Receivables/Configure


Use the Receivables/Configure/Customers window to add, delete, and edit customer accounts.

The Cusotmer window is where you assign:

  • Customer Type (open item, balance forward, revolving, or fixed payment)
  • Categories (optional)
  • Control accounts (required)
  • Payment terms (requried)
  • Billing Cycles (required)
  • Default account prompts (optional)
  • Recurring charges (optional)
  • Tax groups (optional)
  • Fixed and revolving payments and credit limits
  • Any notes attributed to this customer


You can use the Memorize feature (by pressing the Memorize buttong at the bottom of the window) to use one customer's information as a template for the next customer you enter. Make the best use of the Memorize feature by organizing your customers into similar groups (all open item, all who use the same control account set, and so forth) before you begin entering them into the system.

When you recover a company using System/Company/Recover, the memorized customer template is lost. You must open the Customers window and re-Memorize the model customer before you can enter more customers using the template.

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