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Creating Recurring Charges

    Use the Receivables/Configure/Recurring Charges window to set up sales invoices for regular, periodic sale of products or services for which you charge customers.  You might, for example, provide a cleaning service for a regular monthly fee; or you might be an Internet Service Provider charging customers for a monthly subscription.
    You can also use Sales/Invoices to set up recurring customer invoices -- for example, for standing orders.

    To create recurring charges in Receivables:

    Follow these steps to set up recurring charges, assign them to customers, and apply them to customers (create and post invoices).

    • Run Receivables/Configure/Recurring Charges.
    • Select <new>.
    • Enter a name for the charge and a remark to print with the charge on the customer's statement.
    • Indicate whether the charge is taxable and enter the general ledger income account(s) to which the charge should be credited and the amount(s) of the charge.
    • Press OK and Save changes.


    • Run Receivables/Configure/Customers.
    • Select the customer to whom the recurring charge applies and select the charge in the Recurring charges field in the Customer window.
    • Press OK and Save changes.

    To apply and post recurring charges in Receivables:

    • Run Receivables/Billing Cycle Checklist.
    • Check the Recurring charge "Apply" checkbox for the billing cycle to which the customer with the recurring charge is assigned.
    • In the Recurring Charges window, use the Apply button to create and post an "invoice" for the recurring charge.

    To create and post batches of recurring entries in Sales/Invoices:

    • Run Sales/Invoices.
    • Create a batch of the entries (customer invoices) you want to post periodically.
    • Save the batch as a recurring batch.  (Right-click the batch in the left pane and select Make Recurring from the options menu.)  The batch folder becomes green to indicate that it's a recurring batch.  You can edit a recurring batch at any time.
    • When you're ready to post the recurring entries, you can either—
    • Right-click the recurring batch and choose Copy for Posting. 
    • Highlight the recurring batch and click the Post batch button. 
    • Edit the Batch Options window (batch period/year and name) if necessary.

    The system makes a copy of the recurring batch that you can edit as required and then post.

    • If necessary, open the recurring batch copy in the data entry window to edit, add, or delete entries.
    • Save and post the batch when you are done.


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