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Recurring Charges

    In the Receivables/Recurring Charges window, you apply to customers the regular, periodic charges (that you set up in the Receivables/Configure/Recurring Charges window and assigned to customers in the Receivables/Configure/Customers window) once per billing cycle.

    You can also apply recurring charges by way of the Receivables/Billing Cycle Checklist window.

    You select a billing cycle and enter the date and posting period.  Once you select customer accounts (all eligible accounts in the billing cycle), you can toggle off any accounts to which you don't want recurring charges applied. Press the Apply button to apply recurring charges to eligible accounts. 

    You can also create recurring entries in General Ledger, Sales, and Payables in the same way: you create batches of entries (in General Ledger/General Journal, Sales/Invoices, and Payables/Vendor Invoices) and set them as recurring with "Make recurring" in the right-click options menu.

    The effect on your books is the same whether you enter recurring customer charges as recurring entries in Sales/Invoices or as recurring charges in Receivables.  The difference is that Sales/Invoices/Recurring entries does create printable invoices, whereas Receivables/Recurring Charges does not create printable invoices.
    Both kinds of customer recurring charges appear on the customer's statement.




    • Apply.  Click the Apply button to post the recurring charges that are marked with a checkmark to the customer account and to the Receivables and recurring charges income accounts.
    • Void.  Click the Void button to void recurring charges by transaction date.  A batch of the recurring charges with the transaction date you enter is created and displayed in the Invoice Updates window.  Post the batch to finish voiding the recurring charges.  (You can delete any recurring charges in the Invoice Updates batch that you do not want to void.)


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