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Financial Report Spreadsheets

Print the General Ledger/Print/Balance Sheet/Period Spreadsheet, Income Statement/Period Spreadsheet, or Trial Balance/Period Spreadsheet to view period ending balances for a range of periods that can cross calendar year and fiscal year barriers. Periods in the selected range must be defined in the Financial Calendar.

Selection Options

  • Report template. Select the Financial Report template that you want used for building the spreadsheet.

Other Options

You can select print options that override several template settings:

  • Supress zero lines. Check Suppress zero lines to suppress (not print) account detail lines with zerio activity and zero balance.
  • Print account ID. Check Print account IDs to print account IDs as well as account names.
  • All or selected Department. Print All departments or leave All unchecked and enter or select from the drop-down list the segment portion of the account number (the segment "ID") for which you want to print a single consolidated report. If you have configured G/L account segment names for the segments, you can select the segment name from a drop-down list.


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