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After the Fact Invoices

Use the After the Fact Invoices window from the Sales menu to record new invoices and to enter credit and debit memos that do not reference items or services.

This "after-the-fact" invoice function lets you quickly record counter tickets and other sales transactions that you don't need to print for the customer from this window. After the Fact Invoices do not reference items or services and require only general ledger distributions.  After the Fact Invoices do not reference sales orders.

Later, when you receive a payment from a customer against an invoice that you entered in this window, you enter the payment as a deposit in the Bank Accounts/Deposits window. Click the Related Topic below for more information about deposits.

Transaction Types

  • Sales that are charged to a customer's account, or paid by credit card, chequecheck, cash, or by unattached credit memos and unapplied receipts
  • Credit memos/Returns for credit or cash back
  • Debit memos for charge account customers

G/L Distributions Tab

Click the G/L distributions tab to distribute the transaction to the appropriate G/L sales accounts.

Account Prompts

When you set up Receivables, depending on your company's requirements, you can configure a single set or any number of sets of default account prompts. You assign each customer a set of prompts. Then, when you enter an invoice, the G/L distributions box displays the affected customer's account prompts for fast, efficient data entry.


You can enter any trade discount for this customer on the total sale, to be posted to the discount account associated with the customer.


You can enter payments from walk-in customers as you enter the invoice.


  • Restore.  Use the Restore button if you have changed the invoice since opening the window but now you want to restore the invoice information that was in place when you opened the window.

Right-Click Menu Actions

You can perform several actions on invoice batches by using the right-click menu in the pane that lists the batches and their entries, on the left side of the Invoices window. Place the cursor on a batch name in the left pane and click the right mouse button. Among the general commands like Rename, New entry, Make recurring, and so forth, the menu also lets you choose these special actions:

  • Print batch listing.  Print a report on paper, if you wish, showing all of the data entered for each invoice in the batch.  The listing allows you to review the invoices on paper and verify your data entry and the batch total before you post the batch. The batch listing is initially displayed in the report Preview window. To print on paper, click the printer icon at the top of the Preview window.

  • Review batch.  Display a summary list of the invoices in the batch showing entry name, invoice number, transaction date, and invoice total for each invoice. Double-click or press F2 on an entry to review the invoice in the Invoices window. This listing allows you to review the invoices online and verify your data entry before you post the batch.


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