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Analyze Posted Invoices

Use the Sales/Analyze Posted Invoices command to build data that contains sales information (customers, invoices, and amounts) about product list items. You use this command once for each company. The Sales Journal you then print with the Sales/Print/Sales Journal command lets you review the sales data in various ways. 

You can use this command from the menu if you answered "No" to the message that says "Do you want to retroactively analyze previously posted invoices batches for information? This process may take several minutes, but will only happen once for this company." The system displays this message the first time you print the Sales Journal. 

If you don't want to take time for the analysis then, you can run the Analyze Posted Invoices command later when you have time.

You must perform this "retroactive" operation once before you print the Sales Journal to make the sales information available for the Sales Journal.

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