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Sales Analysis by Product or by Category

Use Sales/Print/Sales Analysis to preview or print a sales report by all or a range of transaction dates; by all or selected product list items and customers; and by all or a selected category.

The two report choices for summarizing have the following results:  Summarize by product (Product list Item ID) to print a single line showing a product's sales for each selected date, item, customer, and category.  Summarize by the customer's Category 1 to print a single line showing Category 1's sales for each selected date, item, customer, and category. 

If you do not want to summarize by product or by customer Category 1, check the "show detail" button to show the customer name and invoice number for each transaction on the report.

Selection Options

You can select by the following fields:

  • All or a range of Transaction dates
  • All or selected Product list items
  • All or selected Customers
  • All or a selected primary Category (customer Category 1)

Summarize options

  • Show invoice total column
  • Invoice details


  • Preview.  Use the Preview button to display the report on the screen. 
  • Print.  Use the Print button to print the report to the currently selected printer. 
  • Select Printer. To select a different printer from the currently selected printer, use the Select Printer button and choose a printer from the list of printers.

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