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Backorder Report by Item ID, by Customer, or by Sales Order

The Backorder Report shows the order date, item ID, order number, customer, quantity on backorder, UOM, unit price, and total price for each item listed.

Backordered items are the items remaining on Sales Orders after Sales Invoices for those items have been posted, on the assumption that the customer's order (on the Sales Order) was only partially filled (on the Sales Invoice).  The number of backordered items is reduced as you invoice sales of backordered items or when you delete unfulfilled sales orders for those items.

Selection Options

You can select by the following fields:

  • All or a range of Transaction dates
  • All or selected Item IDs
  • All or selected Customer IDs
  • All or selected Sales Orders

Summarize options

  • Include Backorder details (UOM, unit price, total price)

Sort Options

You can sort the “by Customer” version of the report by one of the following fields:

  • Name
  • ID

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