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Sales Orders

Use the Sales Orders window from the Sales menu to record—

  • Sales orders recording the customer's requirements for one-time purchases that are not to be shipped and billed at this time
  • Standing orders that you want to maintain indefinitely, for frequent or regular customer purchases 

When you complete or partially fill the order, you can select the sales order by number in the Sales/Invoices window and convert the order into an invoice. The system deletes a regular order when the ordered quantity of every item on the order has been invoiced. 

Click the Related Topic below for more information about sales invoices.

Invoice Details Tab

Click the Invoice details tab to enter items ordered. 

Product List

If you have set up a product list, you can select items from the product list, which provides the ID, description, price, and taxable and discountable status. 

You can enter non-product list items if you wish or if you haven't set up a product list.  Press Tab at the Item ID field and then type a description in the Description field.

Sales Taxes

You can indicate whether items are subject to sales tax on a line-by-line basis.  Click the Tax Info Tab for sales tax details.


You can enter any trade discount for this customer on the total sale, to be posted to the discount account associated with the customer when you convert the order into an invoice.


  • Print.  Use the Print button to print the sales order on the currently selected printer.  You can print an order with the Print button at the bottom of the Sales Orders window when you enter it. 

  • Print Picking Ticket.  Use the Print Picking Ticket button to print a picking ticket (no prices or payment information) based on the order currently displayed in the window. The clerk takes a picking ticket to the warehouse to see that the items are available.

  • Restore.  Use the Restore button if you have changed the order since opening the window but now you want to restore the order information that was in place when you opened the window.

  • Select Printer. To select a different printer from the currently selected printer, use the Select Printer button and choose a printer from the list of printers.

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