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Show Notes

Turn on System/Show Notes to display two kinds of "Notes."

Sticky Notes

Create and display "sticky notes" for 21st Century Accounting editing and data entry windows. Use the sticky notes as reminders or to make note of special data entry tricks - or for whatever prupose occurs to you.

When Show Notes is turned on, you can right-click a gray area of a 21st Century Accounting window and select "Add sticky notes" from the window options menu. A text box opens in which you can type, copy (Ctrl+C), cut (Ctrl+X), and paste (Ctrl+V) text. Right-click in the text box and select "Delete sticky notes" to discard the note. Otherwise the sticky note is saved when you close the 21st Century Accounting window and displayed the next time you open the window with Show Notes turned on.

Customer, Vendor, Employee Notes

Display a customer or vendor note when you enter an invoice for that customer or vendor. The system automatically displays a text box containing any text you have entered in the Configure/Customers or Configure/Vendors window in the Notes field.

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