21st Century Accounting Tutorials - Company Setup

Display a Report or Form in Preview Mode

To customize a plain-paper report:

To customize a form:

Select the company whose report you want to customize.

Select the company whose form you want to customize.

Select a customizable report.  For example, run the Receivables/Print/Invoice Journal command.

Run System/Company/Preferences/Forms.

Choose selection options that will print a small subset of the available data. For example, print the report for a single period or for a single customer. This reduces the amount of time required to build and display the report.

Select the form (from Customizable Laser Check, Customizable Invoice, and so forth). If you are modifying a form you already customized and saved, select the name of the form you saved.

Press the Preview button on the report Selection Options window.

Press the Preview button next to the form you want to customize.

The customizable report or form is displayed on the screen. "Hot" Guides, are also initially displayed when you open a customizable report or form. Hot Guides show only the Guides that belong to an element when you highlight the element by moving the mouse pointer over the element. 



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