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General Journal Recurring Entries

Most companies record a number of routine adjusting and closing journal entries at the end of each accounting period. Typically, these entries account for ongoing items such as depreciation, amortization of prepaid expenses, and expense accruals.

Run General Ledger/General Journal.

Create a batch of GJ entries you want to post periodically.

Save the batch as a recurring batch: Right-click the batch in the left pane and select Make Recurring from the options menu.

The batch folder becomes green to indicate that it's a recurring batch. You can edit a recurring batch at any time. When you're ready to post the recurring entries, you can either—

Right-click the recurring batch and choose Copy for Posting


Highlight the recurring batch and click the Post batch button.

The system makes a copy of the recurring batch that you can edit as required and then post.

The original recurring batch is not affected when you post the recurring batch.

Edit the Batch Options window (batch period/year and name) if necessary.

If necessary, open the recurring batch copy in the data entry window to edit, add, or delete entries.

Save and post the batch when you are done.


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