Performing a Fixed Width import into Excel

Performing a Fixed Width import into Excel

Postby Technical Support » June 23rd, 2015, 1:25 pm

1. Run your C21 report, and perform a TEXT export from C21 and make sure you remember where the file was created. (using the Desktop is easy to remember)

2. Open Excel (to a new workbook) and click the “Data” Menu…then “Get External Data”.

3. Click the “From Text” option and choose the “Fixed Width” option.
You’ll see a preview in the box that you can scroll through to see what’s being brought in.
In the “Start import at row:” box, enter the row number that displays next to the items at the top of the list…

4. Click the “Next” button. This is where you’ll identify the breaks between columns.
Click-drag little lines that display to where they will break the columns between the data, like this.

5. Click “Next” again. This is where you identify the type of data in the columns.
Click within each column and choose the data type.
You can also choose to omit any empty columns from the import.
When you get to the “Amount” column, Choose “General” and click the “Advanced” button to have the program recognize commas and decimals appropriately.

6. Click “Finish” and choose where (on the spreadsheet) you want the data to populate.

7. Once the data has been laid out in the spreadsheet you should check the sheet and remove any “stray” columns, rows or data that doesn’t really fit the situation.

8. Do whatever other steps to "groom" the information….
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