Installing a Workgroup edition

Installation issues of 21st Century Accounting software.

Installing a Workgroup edition

Postby Customer Service » June 7th, 2012, 6:45 pm

Please see our Tutorial page : Installing 21st Century Accounting - Workgroup here.

On the machine designated to be your server,

1. Insert the 21st Century Accounting CD in your CD drive. A startup screen appears automatically.
2. If the startup screen does not appear, in Windows Explorer, double-click your CD drive to open it and then double-click Setup.exe to start the installation.
3. Click Full to install the components required to run a workgroup system and click Next.
4. Follow the instructions displayed by the 21st Century Accounting Setup Program for closing Windows applications, reading the license agreement, and entering your name, company, and serial number.
5. Enter your serial number EXACTLY as shown in your software package, including capitalization.
6. Click Next to proceed to the next step. You can click Back or Cancel at any time to change a previous choice or to stop the installation.
7. Accept the default destination directory. Click Next.
8. Accept the default program folder. Click Next.
9. Review the settings and click Next to complete the installation. 21st Century Accounting Installation runs to completion.
10. The database setup begins automatically. This part of the Installation installs the Pervasive database files.
11. After the files are installed you must enter the Pervasive License Key which is included with your software package. If the installation process does not automatically open the Pervasive License Administrator, you should open it from the Start/All Programs/Pervasive/Utilities/License Administrator menu. Enter the license key and click Apply, Authorize or Activate (depending on your Pervasive version).
12. Your server installation is now complete. Launch 21st Century Accounting from the icon installed on the server desktop and verify that the sample company NETCON can be selected.

On each workstation (the "clients") on a C21 Workgroup:

1. Insert the 21st Century Accounting CD-ROM disc in the CD-ROM drive. The installation startup screen will open automatically.
2. Click Client to install the components required to run on a workstation or client and click the Next button.
3. Use the Browse button to choose the location on the server where 21st Century Accounting is installed. This prepares the client installation to put a 21st Century Accounting icon on the client desktop that will open the accounting system you have installed on the server.
4. Click Next when you have made the installation selections you want. C21 workstation installation runs to completion.
5. The database setup will start automatically. This part of the Installation installs the Pervasive database engine (unless it has already been installed). If the installation does find Pervasive is already installed, click Yes to install over the existing Pervasive files.
6. When the installation of the C21 icon and Pervasive components is complete, remove the CD.
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