Client Install: system will not accept directory

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Client Install: system will not accept directory

Postby Customer Service » January 14th, 2012, 3:43 am

When doing a “Client Install”, the system will not accept the directory where the full install of C21 is.
Verify that it is a valid reference for the C21 installation folder.
1. Double-click(open) My Computer.
2. Click on the “Folders” icon in the top toolbar. Look at what drives and network places are listed in the left pane.
3. If there is an “E:” drive, you should be able to determine if it refers to a location on the server - it's going to say something like “c21 on 'server' (E:)”(UNC information).
4. If that all looks valid, you can open up E: browse into the \c21\bin folder and locate the c21.exe file.
5. If bin\c21.exe does not exist, then the location is wrong. You will need to find out how it maps to the server.
6. If you can browse your Network to \\<Computer_Name>\C21\bin\ and can see that c21.exe exists, but the install still does nothing with that location, you should manually create a shortcut to the C21.exe file at the server on the desktop of the workstation and then install Pervasive on its own.
7. To do this, insert the installation CD and cancel the Autorun process. Use Windows Explorer to browse the installation CD to the ..PVSW\Bin\Setup_Workgroup_x86.exe file and launch it.
8. Complete the Pervasive installation wizard selecting the option to do a "Complete" install as an "Application" (not a service).
9. Launch your C21 shortcut and log into C21.
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