Adding a new workstation in a multi-user environment

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Adding a new workstation in a multi-user environment

Postby Customer Service » July 27th, 2012, 6:55 pm

The following information is regarding adding a new workstation or re-installing the components for a C21 workstation in a multi-user environment where the product has already been installed to a server.

If you can find your original installation disk follow these steps:
* Find the latest full installation CD that was used to install or update the server installation. The full install CD must have the same version of Pervasive as is installed at the server.
* Insert the CD at the new workstation computer
* In the installer box, choose the "Client" install option.
* For the Destination Location, you want to specify the location on the server where the full product is already installed.
* Finish the installation.

If you CANNOT find your original installation disk follow these steps:
* Determine the version/edition of the PSQL database engine that your server is running by checking your the Help//About box within the C21 program.
* Choose the matching version's installation image below and install this software on your new workstation computer. or or
*Install the PSQL software on your workstation following the Pervasive installation wizard. Do not install a license key on a workstation.
*Using Windows Explorer, navigate through your network to the server and open the ...C21/bin folder. Find the "C21.exe" file and right-click & drag the icon to create a shortcut on your workstation's desktop to the program executable.

Background Information:
When you do a Client installation, no Accounting (Payroll) software is installed on the local computer. There is only a Windows Shortcut link created on the desktop and Programs menu that run the software from the server. The Pervasive Database software from the CD is installed to the workstation computer. This is why it is so important that your CD contain the same version of Pervasive as is running at the server. There is no Pervasive License key entered on workstations in a Workgroup or Client/Server environment. The license is only entered at the server where the Pervasive engine manages the data.
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